We believe in the positive impact of women in business. We believe that when women and men work together towards gender equality we are stronger. We believe gender equality benefits men too. #strongertogether


Membership is now open to every woman who works in international education later in 2017.

Supportive men who are passionate about seeing more women in leadership roles and are willing to speak out on gender equality are also welcome to join. We really need you guys to engage in the conversation as well. #champions #strongertogether


  • Networking events – your opportunity to meet men from the industry who champion gender equality and strong, determined women who’ve already made it to the top

  • CPD sessions – both online and at various locations around the world – invest in yourself!

  • Access to a mentorship programme – connect and be inspired by other women and men in the industry who are championing your success

  • Monthly newsletters, videos and podcasts – keep abreast of things happening in our industry and globally that are relevant to you

#equality #respect #tolerance