LEAD5050 Women in International Education Awards 2018

Co-hosted with Lead5050 and The Global Leadership League



Isn’t it time to big up our achievements? Join us at the Berlin Intercontinental on the 3rd November 2018 for the Women in International Education Awards – an evening devoted to celebrating the amazing work that women and men are doing in our industry in the name of gender equality, much of which goes largely unnoticed.

We are thrilled that our keynote speaker Melissa McCoy will be presenting at the Women in International Education Awards! Melissa is a badass who knows what she’s talking about when it comes to succeeding in a male-dominated world.

Melissa was a reporter and media liaison in the U.S Marine Corps for four years, before entering the male-dominated field of general aviation as a public relations director. Currently, she is the director of marketing and international admissions at St. John’s Military School, an all-male, military-style boarding school.

One of Melissa’s life goals is to get women to stop starting sentences, “I’m sorry, I could be wrong, I just think maybe… I don’t know.” And she has a long history of helping other women grow in their careers through mentoring, camaraderie, and telling it like it is. She is a master of words and knows how powerful language is. At the same time, she is a warm, caring woman. The mother of two boys and one of the most authentic people you will meet in our industry.

And last but not least, she will fly all the way from Kansas to Berlin to share her story and her knowledge to inspire you! Check out Melissa's article Battle of Words ahead of her inspiring keynote at Berlin.

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