How did you start out?

My first internship and job was in recruiting in New York City. I watched the fast paced life and observed the senior members of several organizations like a sponge. I sat in on board room discussions as an intern and I volunteered my time on committees and in local schools. I wanted to grow so badly, nothing would stop me.

After I earned my master’s degree, I began working for a system of creative colleges in the US (The Art Institutes) and built my career there over nearly thirteen years from a territory manager to establishing international markets, building a large team of traveling staff, managers, associate directors, directors and business development representatives. During this time of growing my leadership experience, I completely a doctorate in Organizational Leadership.

It was important to me to start my career studying and working simultaneously. I learned early on how to manage multiple priorities and that’s stuck with me both as a working mother and a professional who still takes courses to keep growing.

What helped you get as far as you have?

Having a supportive family from my husband to my extended family I can’t do what I do alone. Also, I’ve been really fortunate to have inspiring people around me. From individuals I’ve met briefly to others I spent years working with, I have learned so much from simple things like attitude and outlook to more complex skills from people that have given me a chance.

What piece of advice would you give to your 21-year-old self?

Don’t stop. Ever. If you are constantly in motion, you will get farther than if you stop to look around and wait for opportunities. That encouragement would have been great to hear at 21. Today, I don’t need to hear it because I know how true it is.

A low point in your career/life and how you overcame it?

A turning point in my career was when I recognized that not everyone in the workplace wants you to succeed. While it was personally deflating for the moment and a sense of being out of control, what I realized is that my success and future is entirely within my own control. Weak individuals think that using their authority to control is wise, but through this experience I learned that the strongest individuals are the ones who control themselves, not others. I now feel completely in control of my career and where I want it to go.

One word to describe yourself?


Your first paying job: What and when?

17. Country Club in New Jersey.

What’s your favourite quote?

People don’t always remember what you say or even what you do, but they will always remember how you make them feel.

– Maya Angelou