#First50 have been chosen because they’ve inspired us personally or they were suggested by colleagues and peers because of their positive impact on them personally or professionally.


Insight Lingua

There will be many times in life when the opportunity to leave your comfort zone presents itself to you – do not be scared. You need to be brave. My whole life, when faced with these situations, I have always needed an extra push – but it has always been the times in my life when I look back and see that those were my greatest achievements.

Open Hearts Language Academy

Don’t settle for what seems to be the normal thing to do, think outside the box. Be cautious but do not limit yourself, think but don’t over think, believe in yourself but don’t be arrogant, follow your instinct it never betrays you. Have faith that though the road ahead is uncertain, there is one thing certain in life, if one door closes another will open.

Learning House

A turning point in my career was when I recognized that not everyone in the workplace wants you to succeed. While it was personally deflating for the moment and a sense of being out of control, what I realized is that my success and future is entirely within my own control.

CVC Brazil

I had a super career as a lawyer, but deep inside I knew international educational was where I belonged. After taking this leap of faith, my career took off.

IALC International Association of Language Centres

After graduating, I got a job in a large tour operator in London. I had planned an academic career, but then I decided the commercial world needed feminists!

Linguaviva Milan

Always look ahead, if you happen to look back it is only to find ideas or indications which will help you to move forward. Identify what is important to you and for your life... do things as well as possible and remember that mistakes are great for learning.

Malaca Institute

There was an opportunity and we took it – and once started, we just had to carry on.


Set your goals high and figure out what it takes to get there. Don’t be afraid to set them truly very very high!

Quality English

You mustn’t be put off by setbacks. Pick yourself up and carry on... Does the decision meet all the criteria you have set? Have you spent more than enough time on it? Then go for it, send it, do it, sign it. That was my safety valve.

Apollo Language Centre

What is your favourite quote? ‘What’s for you won’t pass you by.’

Tamwood International College

I started out in this industry while at university when I worked as a camp counsellor at an international summer camp in Switzerland. That experience inspired me to work with kids and in something international and led me to quit my career as a lawyer a few years later to open and run, with my partner Matt Collingwood, an international summer camp and language school business in Canada.

Study Group International

Dr. Emily Williams Knight has spent more than twenty years in higher education. She joined Study Group as Managing Director of Higher Education North America in 2016. She is responsible for the strategic and operational leadership of the US and Canadian higher education markets and has a long and distinguished career within the Education industry. Passionate about education, Dr. Williams Knight is a member of several boards, including the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation (NRAEF), the Newbury College’s Saunders School of Hotel and Restaurant Management and the Illinois Restaurant Association. She also writes for the Chicago Sun Times and various trade publications. She is fully committed to women’s leadership development. To support this cause, she has served as a panelist at international conferences, including the first Women in Hospitality and Tourism in Asia Conference held in Singapore, and the round table about Women as CEOs at the Direct Selling Association. Despite her busy schedule, Ms. Williams Knights also makes time to volunteer and to support city programs designed to improving access to higher education. She lives in Dallas, Texas with her husband, their 11 year old twin girls, and rescue pup, Murphy.

Embassy English

In 1994 I was a recent graduate with a degree in Linguistics and a TEFL certificate - working in a bank with a second job selling fruit and veg in the local open air market. A friend rang and told me about a job she had signed up for in the summer and they were looking for more people - it was teaching English and leading activities for Embassy in one of their junior summer schools - I never looked back!

Hosts International

I really started out with a quest to come to the United Kingdom and really start my life when I was 16. I had a long association in mind and spirit with all things English from an early age having been educated at a convent school in Sri Lanka where I was Head Girl for many years.

ELS Education Services Inc.

Working in this field is all about people and about relationships. You need to genuinely enjoy communicating with people and have an innate concern about their well-being- from your students, your colleagues, your employees, to your peers in the industry.

The PIE News

Amy worked for a trade title from 1997 to 2011, for the majority of the time as editor of a magazine for education agencies, editing and refining her news-hunting skills in hotel bars around the world. She dreamed of a job with international dimensions after living in France for a year during her BA in Journalism at City University and loves to practise her rusty French if you’d like to engage her in a discussion! She works in leafy southeast London and is not very good at hoovering.

The PIE News

Clare has worked in international education since 2000 and held marketing roles at private and public sector institutions prior to The PIE. Her positions included Head of International Marketing at University of the Arts London and Group Marketing Manager at St Giles International. She was also a member of the English UK Enterprises Board for 6 years. Having studied languages at University of Nottingham, taught English in Austria, worked in Paris and travelled extensively, she is passionate about the opportunities that spending time abroad can create. When she’s not working or looking after her two children, she enjoys pilates, yoga, running, and summer camping trips in her family’s VW campervan.

Global Ed Professionals

Lisa Besso is a Founding Partner of Global Ed Professionals, a non-profit consultancy group collaborating with universities, high schools and language schools to meet their internationalization needs. Lisa is passionate about the transformative effects that student mobility has at all levels; personal, institutional and global. Lisa has worked at the executive level of several global organizations, has lived and worked in several countries and has sat on the Executive Board of EnglishUSA.

IELS Malta

Growing up in a small town in South Africa, speaking only Afrikaans until I was 13, made travelling abroad a distant dream. I dreamt hard enough for it to come true. I started out as a document processor when I moved to the UK, no degree and broken English. I was fortunate enough to meet some pretty amazing people, men and women, who opened doors and presented opportunities for me to grow. The lessons I have learned along the way will last me a lifetime; but the most important one is: an opportunity is only an opportunity if you recognize it and grab it with both hands.

Active Centre of English Training (ACET)

Being in a family run business, I have been in ACET all my life! I started working full-time after graduating in Marketing. I now supervise the overall management at ACET and have two main priorities; exceeding clients' expectations and keeping up the friendly family atmosphere that characterises our school and team. I have worked at increasing the profile and market base for ACET. The market has changed in many ways and it has been important to move with the times, to be open to new ideas, to embrace the challenges and keep the business running throughout both hard and good times. Outside work, I have two young sons and I enjoy travelling, swimming, reading and keeping fit.

ExchangeMate USA

I’m originally from Brazil and I was an exchange student in the USA during my senior year of High School. I had one of the most amazing experiences of my life and I loved every minute of my exchange program. As I was on my last year of High School I was in the process of deciding what career I wanted to pursue as I was going to start college when I returned to Brazil. That’s when I decided that I wanted to work with international students and help other kids have the opportunity to experience life abroad. I can definitely say that my career in the International Education Industry started during my High School program in the USA.

International Management Consultant & Certified Executive Coach

I have dedicated the last 25 years of my career in international education management. I have held executive positions across various divisions at EF Education for 17 years (ELT, au pair and language travel), and most recently with Study Group/Embassy English for 8 years. My expertise lies in strategic planning, operations oversight, streamlining business operations and leadership training and development leading to business transformation and growth. My experience includes consulting for global ELT providers and Unbeatable Mind/SEALFIT, coaching and mentoring business executives and groups, and developing corporate leadership training programs. In addition, along with a team of certified fitness coaches, I organize and lead corporate team-building events. I am a passionate advocate for cultivating an integrated approach to physical health and fitness, mental toughness and emotional resiliency as a method to empower individuals and teams to unlock their full potential. Outside of work, I enjoy Crossfit/HITT training, participating in high-intensity fitness challenges (SEALFIT Challenges, Spartan Races), taking daily walks along the beach with my husband, playing the piano and sketching.

Global Village Marketing

Erin Adams was born in Victoria (Canada) and now lives in Vancouver with her husband and two children, but she covered much of the globe in between. Her Master’s degree in English Language and Literature and her passionate belief in the importance of communication led her to a career in education. Erin has recently been appointed President & Managing Director of Global Village Marketing, having worked with the organization for eight years. Prior to that, Erin was Director of Operations at a private elementary and middle school, and also spent many years in educational administration both in Canada and overseas.

Accademia Italiana

Francesca Romana Memoli was born in Salerno (Italy) where she lives with her husband and her three children. She got a Master Degree in foreign languages and a Master in Business Administration. She speaks English, French and Russian fluently. After living abroad for a while (Russia), her passion for languages and intercultural dialogue led her to found Accademia Italiana, an international language and culture Centre located in Salerno, her hometown in the South of Italy. Her determined and strong-willed personality led her to play decision-making roles in Italian and international bodies. In 2008 she joined the board of ASILS (National Association of Italian Language Schools as Second Language) and since 2011 she has been the President of the association till present... In 2010 she was appointed ma ember of the Strategic Working Group of IALC (International Association of Language Centres) and since 2017 she was ma ember of the IALC Quality Assurance Committee and then of the Marketing Committee till present. Her interests go from travels, to sports, cooking, art with particular attention to music and opera.

UTP High Schools

Elizabeth (Beth) Drake has spent her entire career in international education and has worked around the globe. She’s held roles in everything from student services to marketing to recruitment and is currently the COO for UTP High Schools, an organization that provides incredible opportunities for international students to attend high schools in the States.

ACET Ireland

After finishing university I began my career as a high school teacher of English, History, Geography & Drama in an international boarding school in Switzerland. Out of this experience grew a love for international education and creating unique experiences for clients. After three years in Switzerland I moved back to Ireland and transitioned into the field of Marketing. I was immediately hooked on the industry.

VCE International

“Everything comes to him who waits, and does something in the meantime”. The first part is a quote, the second part is something I have added, just because I believe we should not only be patient but also proactive when it comes to fulfilling dreams.

No Fluff

For over 23 years, Nicola Lutz has been training, coaching and leading sales people, from those with no sales experience through to CEOs. She believes selling is fun and simpler than most people think, with a few No Fluff tweaks.


French in Normandy

What’s your favourite quote?

“What a pleasant life could be had in this world by a handsome, sensible old lady of good fortune, blessed with a sound constitution and a firm will.” Stella Gibbons, Cold Comfort Farm