I was lucky enough to be born to a single teenage mum in the early seventies.

I say lucky, because if I’d been born literally five years earlier I would probably have been taken away and adopted, or even spent my childhood in a care home.

Don’t get me wrong, it was no picnic for my mother, bringing up a little girl on her own, and studying at the same time. But it is interesting how different my life would have been all because of the prevailing norms of society.

What was considered acceptable in the late sixties was beginning to be frowned upon five years later and I am the fortunate beneficiary of someone, somewhere who stood up and challenged the status quo.

So I believe that it is possible to make a profound difference to people’s lives in a very short time.

I believe that we need to stand up and say ‘Whaaaaat??  No way am I putting up with that’.

And I truly believe that we are stronger together – by which I mean women AND men standing up together and championing equality for the benefit of all.

This is why I am passionate about Lead5050.

Join us and help make things more equal in our industry.  It is possible.

Ella Tyler
Lead5050 Co Founder



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