How to make the most of your Lead5050 membership

by Lead5050 team

Time to read: 5 minutes

Thank you so much for leaning in and becoming a Lead5050 member – you are fantastic! Below are just a few easy ways to make the most of your membership

1. Pop your membership logo on your website and your company email footer – it lets everyone know that you, your staff and your business care about Corporate Social Responsibility and you are on board with Lead5050.

2. Sign up to our monthly webinars. All employees of Platinum members can register and up to 15 for Associate members.

3. Participate in a Lead5050 ‘Circle’.

4. Sign up to our professional mentoring scheme.

5. Have you got good news about a professional achievement or an upcoming event you are trying to communicate to your audience? Tag us in your posts and we’ll retweet, regram or share! This will magnify your brand’s reach by gazillions and more people will know how on fleek your business is.

Other ways to enhance your Lead5050 experience

Share our regular digital newsletters and newsflashes on your social media channels – we pack our newsletters and newsflashes with information showcasing our wonderful sponsors and what they mean to us – help us spread the love, and your brand will bask in the reciprocal warm glow.

The Intled community is small and we bump into each other a lot, so if you see one of us at an event – come on over and say hi! We can have a photo or a quick boomerang/video chat and we’ll do the tagging and sharing for you. More positive content about you and your business out there in social media world! Where your customers are!







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