We believe that well crafted and delivered CPD is important because it delivers benefits to the individual, their profession and the employer.

Lead5050 members will benefit from a CPD session each month.

Why is CPD important in our industry?

  • CPD ensures your capabilities keep pace with the current standards of others in the same field.

  • CPD ensures that you maintain and enhance the knowledge and skills you need to deliver a professional service to your customers, clients and the community.

  • CPD ensures that you and your knowledge stay relevant and up to date. You are more aware of the changing trends and directions in your profession. The pace of change is probably faster than it’s ever been – and this is a feature of the new normal that we live and work in. If you stand still you will get left behind, as the currency of your knowledge and skills becomes out-dated.

  • CPD helps you continue to make a meaningful contribution to your team. You become more effective in the workplace. This assists you to advance in your career and move into new positions where you can lead, manage, influence, coach and mentor others.

  • CPD helps you to stay interested and interesting. Experience is a great teacher, but it does mean that we tend to do what we have done before. Focused CPD opens you up to new possibilities, new knowledge and new skill areas.

Lead5050 web-Circles – networking and ideas-sharing 

Our CPD web-Circles are quarterly. We send you a link to register so that you can take part in the live session or watch the recording later in your own time. 

The web-Circles provide Lead5050 members with high-quality CPD. We have developed the format and materials with a certified coach. The format provides a well-structured discussion which allows for exploration and peer-coaching. Each CPD Circle comprises of 30 minutes input from leaders in our industry followed by a 30 minute whole-group discussion. This is a chance for members to get to know each other and share their own thoughts and experiences. Topics address issues facing women in their professional and personal lives but are, of course, relevant and engaging for men too. Example topics for web-Circles include:

  • Imposter Syndrome

  • Getting Rid of Procrastination

  • Setting Boundaries

  • The Power of Attentive Listening

Lead 5050 Webinars – learning and inspiration from industry leaders 

The Lead5050 network includes many brilliant and creative leaders who look for opportunities to share their expertise and insights with our members so that they can #Support #Inspire and #Lead. Throughout the year, we will invite you to attend webinars presented by these wonderful souls. Previous webinars include: 

  • Building an effective relationship with your boss

  • Raising your emotional IQ

  • What is your Leadership Style? 

  • From Mate to Manager

  • It's not Bluffing – It's Self-Belief

Lead5050 Circles – helping organisations to create an inclusive company culture

Lead5050 Circles provide your organisation with powerful coaching materials which are affordable and super-easy to use. When you become a Friend of Lead 5050 you will immediately be able to offer high-quality, inclusive CPD on a monthly basis to your staff. We have developed the format and materials for these Circles with a certified coach. The format provides a well-structured discussion which allows for exploration and peer-coaching. 

Topics address issues facing women in their professional and personal lives but are relevant and engaging for men too. These Circles will increase confidence and develop management and leadership skills for all your staff. Previous Circle topics include: 

  • Saying No Gracefully 

  • Getting rid of Blame Culture 

  • Conflict Management 

  • Speaking in Public

The Lead5050 Mentoring Programme – helping individuals to achieve their potential 

Good mentors empower you to build the career you want. Our mentors will support you do to your best work and live your best life. Be inspired by Leaders in our network. Gain perspective and understanding from those that blazed the trail. The Lead5050 mentoring programme will enable you to set career goals and personal targets. 

On receiving your Mentoring Request form, we will start our matching process. We match mentors and mentees carefully in order to ensure the programme is engaging and effective for you. We aim to provide members with a mentor within 3 months of receiving a request. Once matched, you will meet your mentor on Skype for an hour a month, over 6 months. 

Lead5050 members

Missed a session? Want to view a session but don’t have time? Lead5050 sessions can be viewed on demand. Email sarah@lead5050.com for a recording or register for a webinar and receive the session to your mailbox as soon as it is over.

Lead5050 session feedback

As someone who is still in the early stages of my career as a manager, I found Catherine’s webinar to be quite comforting form the point of view that what I’m feeling and the challenges I’m facing are completely normal! This session gave me practical ideas on how to build my confidence, communicate more effectively with my team and set expectations.

– Louise Guyette

CPD is important to me as it ensures that I continue to be competent in my profession. This Lead5050 session provided me with lots of practical and useful tools to help me collaborate and communicate better with my colleagues.

– Sarah Hamilton

I joined because I wanted to keep my personal development up to date. Taking part in Lead5050 webinars gives me room for thinking about management and leadership.

– Mary Doody, Kings Summer

Thank you for sharing with us this great initiative with us. Our team loves the Circles and feel that the topics give them the opportunity to learn and grow in their professional careers.

– Paula Fajardo Director of Recruitment and Employee Engagement, ILAC and ILAC College